Since 1992 we have trained more than 6,000 people to ride!

Thousands of people have gained their licenses with Alert thanks to our motorcycle and scooter training in Perth.

Hundreds more have attend our Advanced rider training, get refresher lessons, and learn to look after their motorcycles.

Our instructors are qualified, experienced, professional motorcycle and scooter riders with a passionate commitment to making the learning experience safe and fun.

We are proud that most of our students come to us through the recommendation of friends or family who have trained with us.

Thanks Alert Motorcycle School….you really are the very best crew around.

Dave B

We provide all the necessary equipment including motorcycles, scooters, bluetooth equipped helmets, wet weather gear and gloves.

Students go through Alert’s training curriculum at a pace suited to each individual.

Our training is based on proven defensive riding principles and caters for all levels of prior experience from the novice to the born again biker.

I was very impressed with the training techniques used … the course was very thorough in its techniques of safe and competent motorcycle riding. The company maintains the highest standard of instructors and training required to meet RAC customer service criteria.

– Mark Mateljan, former Driver Training Manager for the RAC and former WA Police motorcycle riding instructor.

Our curriculum materials and training have been developed with input from the WA Police and the Department of Transport.

Thank you for utilizing the experience of sworn staff at this office to assist you in ensuring that the road positioning charts and pre-on road skill sheets were accurate.

– P Janczyk, Senior Constable 6473, Road Safety Section, WA Police